Home improvements are an extension of yourself, they make the home more enjoyable and comfortable.

Over the years we have made many home improvements on our home. These home improvement projects plans include do it yourself projects of refinishing our kitchen cabinets, redesigning our master bathroom and dreaming about our home theater system. Plus a number of other projects such as redoing the kitchen and family room floor, designing a lazy susan shelving for our pantry and a koi pond in our backyard to mention a few of the projects.

They give us a sense of pride and accomplishment as we have updated and upgraded the usefulness and functionality of our home. You can also increase the value of your home by doing these home repairs yourself. I always have one or more do it yourself projects going on at any time, I enjoy these projects and my wife gets on my case when I get them 95% done but leave some little task unfinished.

A collage of Our Home Improvement projects

The projects for the kitchen cabinets and the flooring brightened up our family room and the kitchen. These changes are relaxing and enjoyable to look at. They bring a sense of satisfaction of a job well done as we did them ourselves.

Our old oak kitchen cabinets were dark and dingy, they were made of quality oak frames and panels. I sanded, stained and varnished them and they now have a look and feel of a 3rd dimension of depth. Our new kitchen cabinets look very bright, cheery and elegant.

Our old tile flooring in the kitchen had become scratched and the carpet in the family room had become thread bare. My sons and I replaced both with a lovely Brazilian Cherry wood flooring that pulls both rooms together and complements the kitchen cabinets.

The lazy susan project was very satisfying as we built it as a do it yourself project and it has proven to be very useful and helpful every day as it is so much easier to find and get the item or items we need. These do it yourself home improvements are always challenging and fun to do.

We have a closet pantry that is 23 inches deep by 41 inches wide with 5 shelves. We could pack a lot of stuff in there but couldn't find anything. A do it yourself project I designed and built an oak lazy susan pantry with 6 shelves. I stained and varnished the shelves to match the kitchen cabinets and floor. We can access all 6 back shelves and the 6 lazy susan shelves easily.

Our master bathroom had a small oval tub and a large window planter. Our do it yourself home improvement projects plans was to remodel this bathroom by removing the small tub and the planter and replaced them with a double wide sunken bath tub with 6 jets and room for both my wife and I to enjoy. I installed white Carrera marble tiles on the floor and replaced the toilet with a stylish low flush toilet. We have a very restful and enjoyable master bathroom .

When we were in Italy my wife bought a beautiful Murano crystal glass chandelier. I installed this in our dining room for our home improvement project. It is lovely but the sliding glass door did not blend in, so my sons and I replaced it with double wide French doors with shades between the double pane glass windows. We had replaced the carpet in the dining room and great room the year before.

The patio is very satisfying and useful projects. We use the barbecue grill almost every day during the summer time and I have even roasted two turkeys on it at the same time one year. We added an awning in the middle of the patio to give us more shade in the heat of the day.

When we first moved into our house there was no landscaping done. Our do it yourself home improvement project was to build a rose planter behind the house, the same width as the house and 3 feet deep. We have 8 mini tree roses in this bed.

I then built a patio between the planter and the back of the house using a blend of light and dark red clay bricks. This patio is about 40 feet wide and 18 feet deep. This added a lot of functionality to our back yard and has held up well.

A collage of Our Home Improvement projects

I worked for a Japanese company and I had the opportunity to travel to Japan many times. Each trip over I would finagle 1 or 2 days to see their beautiful country. I fell in love with their Koi ponds and their Koi fish.

So for our back yard home improvement I designed and built a Koi pond as a do it yourself project. It is about 15 feet long, 12 feet wide and 1 and a half feet deep. It has 3 pools where the water cascades from one pool to the next. I have about 40 Koi and 6 water lilies in the lower pond that cover the pond in the summer time. The upper pond is about one forth the size of the bottom pond and is chuck full of water hyacinths. The water hyacinths float on top of the water and their roots filter the water as it flows through them. This is the only filter and we have clear clean water year round. The middle pond has no plants or fish and the water rolls over its sides into the bottom pond.

Our home improvement projects plans for a theater system is a dream yet but we have been researching the new systems. The choices are many for a home theater system from what type of video display unit to sound system. Blu-ray is the DVD system to use. It may take a year or more before the cost of the Blu-ray DVD players comes down to an affordable price. Also in our area the Telephone company is adding fiber optic cable so that will be another choice for a distribution system of either fiber,cable or satellite.

Our kitchen
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Other home improvements that we have completed.
Other home improvements do it yourself projects that we have completed.
Remodeling cabinets in our kitchen.
Remodeling cabinets by sanding down to bare wood, staining to a warn oak color and varnishing with a polyurethane finish.
Designing and building our cabinet drawers
We designed and built cabinet drawers under our kitchen counter.
Oven cabinet
Our oven cabinet storage drawer
Our lazy susan pantry design
Lazy susan shelves for our closet pantry design
Our lazy susan pantry assembly
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Constructing the pantry post
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Making a thrust bearing
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A pond design.
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A water treatment system
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Our bathroom remodeling project
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Retiling our bathroom flooring
We remodeled our bathroom flooring with Carrera marble tile.
Our new french doors
We remodeled our dining room with a lovely double french doors with double glass panes and a venetian blind between them.
Our crystal chandelier
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Painting our family room wall
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