Our new fencing, how we selected and installed it.

We needed new fencing between our garage and the block wall. I had put up a wood one there after we moved in to our new home. Well after a number of years, the wood and post were getting pretty ragged looking and the post were rotted off at the ground level.

We wanted to be able to park an RV beside the garage so we needed to remove it or open it completely as there was only 10' between the garage and the wall.

I checked on the different material available at the hardware stores and found this advertisement for a polyvinyl chloride compound fence. It is durable and resists deterioration from water, temperature, UV exposure and time. Also it is light in weight and easy to clean.

I measured the opening exactly and ordered the PVC fence and a gate. They delivered it in about 2 weeks. I assembled all the pieces, the gate came assembled and checked to make sure it fit the opening. I did have to cut some of the rails and boards to fit as they sell it in 8' sections.

I measured where the post holes should be on the ground and dug holes as recommended. I made these holes extra large so that I could put a 10" diameter cardboard construction tube from the hardware store. I cut it to the proper length and put it in the hole and placed dirt around the out side of it to hold it in place.

I then got one of my sons to help me make sure the PVC panel and post would fit in the center of the cardboard tubes and marked on the post where ground level is. We then tamped the dirt around the tubes a little better.

Next I had purchased a packet of wood shingles, we fit this shingles around the base of the posts up above the ground level mark so that we had a taper from the bottom of the post to ground level mark. We then tightly wrapped the shingles to the posts with this plastic wrap that comes on a handle and then set the posts and panel back in the holes. We centered the posts and braced them straight up and down, double checking with a level.

Once the post were in place and secure, we filled the tube up with cement to ground level and let it dry for a week. We then pulled the posts and panel out of the tubes and removed the plastic wrap from the posts. We now had a cement hole in the tubes that have tapered sides down to the bottom of the hole.

The posts and panels can easily be pulled up and put back in these holes with about 3 minutes work or less. It does take two people because both posts must be pulled up at the same time. We have done this numerous times.

With the posts and panel out I have a 9'3" opening between the wall and the gate post next to the garage.

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