Build your own Wind Power Generator.

Wind Plans's Wind power Systems is a very detailed and well written eBook on wind energy. They describe what is required to build a wind powered system and how to build one that meets your needs. They tell you how to calculate the size of system you need by adding up all of the energy sources you use or by checking your electric bill over a couple of months.

They tell you where to look to find free or low cost batteries, DC motors and blade material for your wind generator system.

Small Wind Energy Systems
Make Your Own Energy, Step-by- step guide reveals how to make energy.

Make Your Own Wind Power
Step-by-step guide reveals how to make energy..

Small Wind Turbines
How to make Your Own Energy, Thsi guide reveals how to make energy..

Generate Your Own Wind Energy
Save $1000's On Electric Bill.. Check our step by step instructions

A small home made wind generator can be built for about $96 USD.

An 8 foot diameter wind generator can generate up to 1000 watts in a moderate wind.

A wind generator will generate power 24/7/365 in a good breeze.

A well designed wind generator will shut down or protect its self in sever weather.

I looked at our electric bill the other day and our bill for May jumped over $30.00 compared to April, adjusted for 31 days, and we only used the air conditioner 1 day in May. It is scary what our bill might be if we have to use it for a number of days this summer.

If you want to design and build your own system they show you how to build blades and hubs for your home built wind power generator. How to attach and balance the blades to the hub. How to attach the body assembly and tail to the generator.

How to build a Wind Power generator with these step by step instructions you can build your own windmill generator. These wind turbines are very reliable and efficient in generating electricity in low velocity wind energy conditions. The cost wind turbine can be kept low with these home windmill design and windmill blade designs can be found so that you can make your own or how to find the best to buy them.

You can get more detailed information on windmill design, windmill designs and windmill blade designs.

I also found this web site at Leviathan Energy where they built a passive doughnut shaped structure around the base of the tower to direct the wind into the windmill blades. They claim a 15% to 30% gain in efficiency from their generators. Watch the video it is very interesting.

Free eBook on Wind Power

These ideas can easily be scaled down for a terrific science fair project or scaled up for a 50 foot serious wind energy generator. Please download this free eBook How to Build your own … Homemade Wind Generator. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read this ebook. You can get Adobe Reader here.

Build Your Own Wind And Solar Power System, For a Better Tomorrow... Today!

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Windmills and solar panels are being sold at prices averaging $3000. I am here to teach you how to make your own for less than $200!

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