Our backyard patio, how we designed and built it.

When we moved into our house the backyard patio was dirt and weeds. We built the rose planter first and then the patio home improvement as a do it yourself project. I talked with the neighbors and inspected their walkways and asked how they did their project. My next door neighbor was very helpful and gave me some good ideas.

We visited the hardware stores and brick yards. We found the bricks we liked at a brickyard and we bought enough bricks to do a 40' X 18' patio. This size would extend from the back of our house to the rose planter. I had decided to set the bricks in a sand base like our neighbor had done.

I cleared the back yard of all weeds and leveled it so that the patio sloped away from the back of the house towards the planter. I also slopped the center of the patio towards the right rear corner and to the left center side of the patio. This was done so that water would run to the left side and to the right rear corner of the patio. I did not want water to pool in the middle of the patio.

Our do it yourself backyard patio.

I also added 4" drainage pipes from the right rear corner and the left center side of the patio out to the street. There were already holes drilled through the side walk for drainage pipes to fit into and drain into the gutter. I dug trenches on both sides of the house and yard to bury the drainage pipes. The pipes are 4" to 6" below the surface of the ground. I made sure that water would flow from the back yard out to the street before I packed dirt around the pipes.

I then brought in enough sand to put about a 2" layer on the backyard patio area. I used a 1" x 4" x 8' trowel with a 6' handle that I made out of lumber to level the sand out and make a smooth surface to lay the bricks. I started laying the bricks next to the planter and worked towards the back of the house. I put spacers between the bricks so that I would have a uniform space and pattern.

Our Patio home improvement do it yourself project.

I set two rows of bricks on their side and cemented them in to make a boundary on the right and left sides of the patio. I left a 1/2" expansion space next to the house. I then took some more sand and spread it out across the new brick patio, working the sand down into the spaces between the bricks and removing the spacers as I went.

We have a lovely backyard patio where we can have friends and neighbors over for a barbeque and socializing.

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