We remodeled our bathroom flooring with carrera marble tile.

We had composite tile for our bathroom flooring, with the new tub we wanted to upgrade the flooring and the toilet. We found some lovely carrera marble tile and a stylish low flow toilet.

I removed the old toilet and composite tile. I then installed a cement board recommended for wood subfloors and attached it to the subfloor per the personels recommendation at the local hardware store.

I rented a wet tile cutting saw from the local hardware store. As the tiles were 1 foot square, you will need to trim tiles to fit up to two walls and to fit around the toilet base or up to the toilet drain hole. I fit our tile clear up to the drain hole under the toilet.

Prepare the sub-floor for tiling by coating the sub-floor with the recommended thin-set mix and trowel. Place the tiles on the thin-set and work them into the thin-set. I used a short piece of 2"x 4" x 18" with a piece of rug wrapped around it to level and press the tiles into the thin-set. Be careful not to crack or scratch the tiles. I used a 1/8" tile spacer to get a consistent space between tiles. They are removed after the thin-set dries.

Clean off the excess thin-set from the top of the tiles before it dries, be careful not to put too much pressure on the tiles as the thin-set is still pliable. If you need to reach across the floor but can't reach the other side with out getting on the fresh thin-set place the 2" X 4" X 18" board on the new tile and careful put your weight on it. This should spread the pressure out enough. Let the thin-set dry per manufacturers recommendations before walking or working on the floor.

After the thin-set has dried remove the spacers and put grout between the tiles working it down into the space with a wet sponge. After you have everything grouted clean the tops of the tile off with a clean wet sponge.

Fill a small spray bottle full of clean water and every few hours spray the grout to keep the top from drying too fast. I like to put a plastic sheet over the new tile as this will keep the top off the grout moist so that the grout will dry evenly and leave no small cracks in the grout and I can get a good night sleep.

The grout should be sealed after it dries.

I then replaced the toilet with the new one putting a new beeswax seal ring between the drain and bottom of the toilet and secured the new toilet down with the brass bolts that were provided with the kit.

We also repainted the ceiling and put new wall paper on the walls in front of the tub. We have a very lovely and relaxing bathroom.

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