Our bathroom remodeling project

We remodeled our bathroom by replacing the old sunken tub and window planter with a double wide sunken tub with 6 jets. The old tub was a small oval shaped tub with a window planter behind it. The window planter was in a bay window with windows on all three sides. The tub had some lovely opal colored corian wall panels. It looked nice but wasn't very functional.

We remodeled by designing a sunken bathroom tub

We re-designed this area by replacing them with a new double wide sunken bathtub that has 6 water jets. We purchased this tub from a local hardware store and I installed it. I located some more of the corian paneling and paneled the walls from the front of the tub to the windows.

I first removed the old tub and window planter. Because this was a sunken tub, I had access to the area between upstairs floor and the first floor ceiling. The vanity side of the doorway entrance to the bathroom had an electrical wall outlet.

I replaced this outlet fixture with a Ground Fault Indicator, GFI, outlet and ran electrical wiring to a timer switch on the opposite side of the wall and down the inside of the wall to the area between the floor and ceiling and to the window side of the bathroom. This wiring would power the pump motor for the jucuzi style tub.

I then reinforced the sub-flooring below the tub and placed a 4' X 5' X 5/8" plywood sub-floor down for the new tub to lay on.

I made the frame for the new tub with this same corian paneling for the rim of the tub to set on. I laid a ridge of sealant about 3/8" high clear around the perimeter of the tub. The outside rim of the tub would fit over it and provide a water seal so water would not run under the rim into the sub-flooring.

I redid the drainage plumbing by adding two arms the drain pipe and ran them to each side of the tub. I glued these new drains to the underside of the corian rim and drilled drainage holes through the it for water to drain from the outside area of the tub. We also have a shower, plus the kids and grand kids are bound to splash water out of the tub, so it needs to drain some where besides the bathroom floor.

Once this preparation was complete we brought up the new tub. We checked the fit to make sure the tub would fit in the space and extend over the sealant ridge correctly. We then lifted the tub up and braced it so that we could prepare the sub-floor for the tub.

I had read that a good way to make a tub set securely on it's base was to mix a batch of plaster and place 4 to 6 mounds of wet plaster on the sub-floor where the tub is to set then gently lower the tub onto these mounds of plaster pressing down on the edges of the tub until the rim of the tub was resting snugly on the corian rim and let it dry for a week.

This worked great, I have lifted this tub up numerous times to finish the installation and to replace gaskets on the drain pipes. The tub rests on these plaster mounds and its rim very nicely. The tub is very secure with no rocking or soft spots on the floor of the tub.

I then finished connecting the electrical wiring and the drain pipes to the tub. I checked for water leaks and then filled the tub up to above the jets. We then turned the jets on and hooray it worked great. We were able to enjoy our first bath in our new sunken bathroom tub.

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