Our Master Bathroom remodeling project.

Our master bathroom had a small oval tub and a large window planter. We remodeled by removing the small tub and the planter. This let us design in a sunken bath tub.

Our sunken bathroom tub and faucets

The walls around the tub and planter had a pearl style corian wall covering. I obtained more of this corian and built the frame around the tub to match the walls. We installed a double wide sunken bath tub with 6 jets and a large brass faucet. This bath tub fits nicely in the room and took up the exact same space as the old planter and tub.

I installed white carrera marble tiles on the floor and replaced the toilet with a stylish low flush toilet. The sinks and vanity are next to the bathroom in an alcove off the master bedroom. We remodeled the sinks with stylish bowls and faucet fixtures that sit on top of the corian counter. We extended the carrera tile into this area when we re-carpeted the bedroom floor.

We have a very restful and enjoyable master bedroom. My wife loves to fill the tub and sprinkle some bath salts in the water. She will soak and relax in this salt water for up to an hour if she could. She added a lazy boy recliner to the master suite for a quiet retreat area.

I like to fill the tub with plain water and then turn the jets on and adjust the air intake for a more vigorous water flow. I can relax in this soothing tub listening to music.

Our two preteen granddaughters love to fill the tub with water and bubble bath suds. They then turn the water jets on and they can get bubbles up to their chins.

Our youngest granddaughter is 2 years old and loves to fill the tub up only about 4 inches. She can swim around like a little fish and write on the tub with her water color crayons.

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