Best way to clean a hardwood floor?

by Bruce

I uncovered hardwood floors in my house that had 2 layers of plywood and 5 layers of tar paper on vinyl tile. A total of 7/8 inch thick. At this point they are covered in sheet rock, mud, sand, adhesive in some areas and dirt.

I need to clean this off before refinishing the floors what is the best way?


Clean up the excess sheet rock, mud, and sand with out scratching the wood. You can use an orbit sander to get the adhesive off the wood. Depending on how thick the adhesive is, I would use a 60 or 80 grit sand paper to start with then go up to 160 or 180 grit.

If it is a large floor, you can rent a floor sander, but start with a fine grit (120 to 160) sand paper as these floor sanders are quite aggressive and will dig down into the wood very quickly.

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