Cabinet Drawers for our Kitchen.

We designed cabinet drawers and built them for our new kitchen cabinet designs for storing pots, pans, storage containers and dishes.

I bought my son a dove tail jig for his router on his birthday. The next week I asked him if he would help me build some drawers for our kitchen. Boy did I get a razzing for that, buy him a gift and then ask him to build me something with it.

The biggest challenge is to set up the dove tail jig so that the corners of the drawers fit together correctly and evenly. This may take a number of adjustments and tests on scrap boards to get a good looking and strong corner. Take your time in getting the jig set up correctly and tighten all the screws or bolts down so the jig does not move as you are routing the boards.

Well he agreed to help so I purchased some wood and plywood. We cut the boards into 4" widths and cut them to the right lengths to make our new cabinet drawers. We routed dove tail groves into the ends of the wood boards and a slot around the bottom of the boards for the bottom plywood to fit into. We cut out plywood bottoms for the 6 drawers. We glued the wood together and placed the plywood bottoms in to make the drawers. We then clamped the drawers with special right angle clamps so the glue would dry and the drawers would have good right angle corners.

Our kitchen cabinet designs.

The width of these cabinet drawers had to be about 1/2" smaller in width then the opening in the shelf. You must calculate the width of the slider and drawer so that they all fit into the opening for the shelf.

Our diy kitchen cabinet drawers.

I stained and varnished these cabinet drawers with a polyurethane varnish and after they dried we mounted pull out slides on the drawers. We mounted the other half of the slides in the cabinets, with the center slides being mounted behind the center divider and the other slides on the outside edges of the cabinets.

We added a support board at the back of the cabinets that is secured to the back wall. The drawers and slides are designed to hold 100 lb. each so if you have all 4 drawers pulled out at the same time, there is a lot of leverage on the back of the drawer sliders. You do not want them to tear out the rear of the cabinet.

Well here is our new custom kitchen cabinet drawers, finished and full of pots, pans and storage containers.

Our new custom kitchen cabinet drawers.

We have a gas stove top range and the gas pipe to the range was sticking about 9" into one of the drawers such that if you had pots or pans there, they would hit the end of the gas regulator that is attached to the end of the gas pipe.

Well I talked to the guys at our local hardware store about this problem and they said it was easy to put a 90 degree elbow on the gas pipe just after it comes through the wall, a short 1" gas pipe stub on the elbow and then the gas regulator on the stub.

You must turn off the gas at the outside of your home before unhooking any gas lines and you must know which units have a pilot light for lighting that unit. I only had to re-light the water heater in the garage. The furnace has an electronic starter as does the stove and oven.

If you are not comfortable in doing this yourself then hire a competent gas plumber to make these changes for you and verify that the gas lines are properly sealed.

Remember safety first. You must use gas pipe sealant on all the joints to make sure there are no gas leaks under the counter. Check your work with soapy water to see if there are any bubbles or if you smell any gas check all the connections again. If still in doubt call a gas plumber and turn off the gas out side your home.

After turning the gas back on and checking for gas leaks you are satisfied that every thing is ok, then re-light all pilot lights on any unit that does not have an electronic starter and check your stove top range to make sure it is working properly.

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We then installed the new slider cabinet drawers in the small J part of the counter. We have our dishes, bowels and utensils over here by the dish washer. This has been a very rewarding and fun diy kitchen project to make our own custom kitchen cabinets.

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