Carpeting our home, how we selected and installed it.

Carpeting for our home had different criteria depending on what room we were doing. We wanted it plush and thick for the dining room and great room. The two bedrooms need something easy to clean so we used Berber and for the master bedroom we wanted it soft and warm. Also select the type and kind of padding you want or need. Berber has a special padding just for it. Talk to the people at the store for recommendations and help. Follow their advice.

Installing it is straight forward and easy for 2 or 3 people to do it yourself home improvement project. First determine which room you are going to do and purchase enough to do the job. You can rent the tools you need such as stretchers and knee kickers.

Remove all furniture from the room and prepare the floor. We did our two upstairs bedrooms first. They were small and only 10 foot wide so we didn't have to seam any carpet together to fit a large room.

If you have a room that is larger or wider than the piece, then you will need to seam two pieces together. This is a tricky process and needs to be done very carefully.

It has a nap, that is the fibers lay in one direction. You can brush the it with your hand and tell if your hand glides smoothly over it or does your hand feel resistance.

You must match the nap of one piece to the other at the seam also the edge of it may not be as plush as it is 1 or 2 inches in from the edge. If so you may need to cut a 1 inch strip off of both edges you want to seam it together so that you have good plush seam.

You can buy seam tape, get a good quality tape, from the hardware store or the place you bought it and you can rent a seam machine. Also try to place any seams in a low traffic area such as along a wall where furniture is going to be placed.

As these were upstairs rooms they had wood sub-floors. We pulled the old one up in pieces are took them out to the trash. We then painted the floors with Kilz to seal them. We checked the tack strip and replaced any that were broke.

We measured the rooms exactly and then cut over size pieces out on the drive way pad. Cut and install the padding first on the floor up to the tack strips.

Then bring up the new carpet and secure it to the tack strips along one wall first. Get it centered exactly as you want it along that wall then stretch it over to the far wall starting in the center of the room. You don't need to stretch it too much, you want to get it to lay flat on the floor and not move.

Secure it to the far walls tack strip and use a straight edge like a 4 foot piece of 2" x 3" angle iron to push it down and hold it. Use a knife to cut off excess along that wall using the straight edge to hold it. Always cut away from yourself.

Make sure it doesn't have a ripple in it because it isn't square with the walls. Now start working on one of the adjacent walls securing it on the tack strip along that wall. Then stretch it to the opposite wall as you did before and start securing that side to the tack strips along that wall.

Again cut off any excess, push the new edges under the wall board or install new wall board to cover the edges. Install a threshold cover in the door way.

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