Our beautiful Murano crystal chandelier

We purchased a beautiful Murano crystal chandelier while we were in Venice, Italy. Most of the glass factories are located on Murano Island. They moved there in case a fire broke out in one of the factories it wouldn't burn Venice down. At least that is the story they told us.

During the tour of the showroom my wife saw the chandeliers, she had to have one. As our dinning room has a low ceiling, we had to have a chandelier especially designed so that it would not hang to low over the dinning table.

She purchased a lovely clear crystal one. It took them about 4 months to build and ship the chandelier. We received a large box of piece parts. I had to assemble the chandelier.

Our crystal chandelier

The assembly went good and my sons helped me wire and hang the new chandelier. We placed all the leaves, flowers and lamps in the base. We put light bulbs in the sockets and turned it on. Nothing happened, I double checked the light bulbs, they were all tight.

Italy uses 220 volts AC for there power where we use 110 volts AC here in the USA. The sockets they used were designed for 110 volts but they had no way to test them before shipping. I determined that the side electrode of the lamp was not making contact with the matching electrode in the socket. I am an electrical engineer so that was easy.

I contacted the factory and they sent me two different styles of sockets to try. I checked them out, chose one style and replaced the sockets in the chandelier. We turned it on and hooray it worked.

The crystal chandelier looks beautiful. My wife is very happy.

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