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Does your drinking water taste like it has chlorine water in it?

Our drinking water tasted like it had chlorine water in it that gives me a terrible headache. To get drinkable water we added an Aquasana Premium Under-counter Water Filter for our drinking water treatment system under the kitchen sink. This filter removes the last impurities down to a 0.995%. This is the same or better than the bottled water.

Our drinking water faucet.

I mounted a small faucet on the porcelain sink in our kitchen for our filtered water treatment system. To mount this faucet I needed to drill a hole in the porcelain sink. This is a delicate job and must be done very carefully. You can do it yourself or have a plumber do it for you.

I researched the recommendations and tools on how to do this job. You can buy a special drill set just for drilling holes in porcelain. I made my own jig to drill this 5/8" hole. I bought 2 brass washers, the largest had 3/4" inside diameter which I glued to the sink with a rubber based glue at the location I wanted the faucet.

I let the glue dry for about 10 minutes and then took a Dremel tool with a diamond bit to route through the porcelain inside the 3/4" washer down to bare metal. This is the most critical process so that you do not crack or chip the porcelain under the brass washer. Put water inside the brass washer while you are drilling to keep the temperature of the drill bit and brass washer down.

How to drill a hole in a porcelain sink.

The second step I had a 3/4" outside and a 1/4" inside diameter brass washer which I placed in the center of the other brass washer. I also had a 1/4" OD and a 1/16" ID spacer that I placed inside the smaller brass washer. This gave the exact center for the faucet. You want to use the Dremel tool with the diamond bit again to drill a guide hole through the center of the spacer, through the porcelain down to the metal.

The third step is to remove the spacer and small brass washer, leave the large brass washer attached to the sink. It acts as a heat sink for the porcelain below it. Drill a 1/4" starter hole through the porcelain and metal sink at this location.

The fourth step you can take a 5/8" carbide hole saw drill bit and carefully drill out the 5/8" hole in the sink. The hole saw drill should fit easily into the center of the large brass washer with good clearance all around. Remember keep water on this hole drill to keep every thing cool at least below the boiling point of water.

After completing the hole, take a small hammer and screw driver and gently knock the large brass washer off. Be very careful not to chip the porcelain sink. Porcelain is unforgiving and is very difficult to repair.

Clean the excess glue off the sink now you should have a clean hole through the sink and no chips in the porcelain. If you do just hope that the shroud of the faucet covers it up when you mount your new faucet on the sink.

Connect the hoses to your new faucet final stage filter per the manufactures directions. Turn the water on and check for leaks. Tighten any junction that is leaking. Let water run through the new filter per the manufacturers directions. Now taste the drinking water from your own Aquasana Premium Under-counter Water Filter and whole house water treatment system.

Our drinking water now tastes great and I can drink as much of it as I want with out getting a headache.

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