Drywall installation....help?

by Bruce

I need to replace a wall in my half bath, (where all the plumbing is, example toilet, sink), and I have already removed my toilet, because I was re-tiling the floor, when I happened upon the wall not looking so good. The bottom of the wall is basically falling off, I suspect from mold which I have seen, and I would like to replace the wall. Would I have to remove the sink and medicine cabinet too? I am not sure and I have not done this before and I want to do it right! So I'm going to have help, a friend who has done this only a couple times before but still I would like to know the steps and what to do.


If the bottom of the wall is deteriorating you may have a water leak in the plumbing. It would be best to also remove the sink and cabinet. I don't think you should have to remove the medicine cabinet unless it is attached to the sink.

Remove all deteriorated wall board up to where you have a solid wall board and cut a straight edge along the top, sides and bottom so that you have a rectangle hole. You should try to cut the sides so that you have 1/2 of the 2X4 to nail the new wall board to. You can purchase a new wall board and easily cut it to the dimensions of the hole.

Inspect the plumbing for leaks and repair as necessary. If there is mold in the wall clean it out as best as possible with clorox and paint it with Kilz, a paint solution that is used to seal mold so it can not grow. It is available from most hardware store.

After everything is corrected you can nail the new wall board into the hole, leave a 1/2 inch gap at the floor so that water on the floor does not wick up the wall board, tape and mud the seams, sand the seams smooth and mud again until you can not see where the seams are. Now texture the new wall board to match the rest of wall and paint the whole wall.

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