Our dining room french doors

We remodeled the dining room by replacing the old sliding glass door with new French doors. I found these lovely fiberglass doors at one of our local hardware stores that had been returned. I measured the old doors and the new doors would just fit widthwise. The new doors were about 3 inches shorter then the old doors.

I purchased the doors and brought them home, my sons helped me remove the old sliding glass doors and install the new doors.

We removed the glass doors from the frame first and used a saws-all to cut the nails from the old frame. We had to widen the opening about a 1/4" on the sides to get the new frame to slide in snugly. We leveled and plumbed the new frame and when it was right we secured it to the sides of the opening.

We built a short frame with studs above the door to fill in the 3" opening. We closed the opening above the door on the outside with plaster wire underlayment and plastered over the wire to match the outside of the home.

We filled the 3" opening above the door with expanding foam insulation. After the insulation dried, we cut off the excess and fitted a sheet rock board in the opening and secured it to the studs. We taped and muddied the seams level with the inside wall. I then painted the door and wall to match. I also stuccoed and painted the outside of the doors to match the exterior of the house.

The crystal chandelier, the dining table, chairs and furniture look very elegant in this room.

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