Other home improvements that we have completed.

Other home improvements that we have made are fencing around the house, a new roof on the house, upgraded the flooring in most every room of the house and painted most of the rooms at least once and some more than that.

We have added 3 sets of fence panels, 2 panels from the front of our house to block walls and 1 across one side of the patio to give it a lovely finished look. We used the same type of fence for all of them.

We had wood shake shingles on our roof and after 25 years they had to go so we upgraded the roof with a high quality roof.

As I said we have painted all of the rooms of the house at least once. We have been trying the new decorator type of painting where you put more than one color on the walls. Our latest project, we painted one wall in the family room with a Bellagio Faux style and it turned out very good and looks nice.

We have replaced the carpeting in all the bedrooms, the dining room and the great room. The dining room and great room were done with one piece of carpet.

We have upgraded the sinks and floors in the other two bathrooms with ceramic tile flooring and ceramic sinks. We had replaced the sinks with porcelain steel sinks, but they would rust out very quickly in 5 to 7 years.

We have a new project still in the planning stages. We have a circular stair case and an upstairs hallway with old carpet on them. We want to upgrade the stair rails with wood banisters and the stairs and hallway to wood. One of the problems with wood stairs and hallways is they are noisy so most people put a carpet runner on them. We may do the same.

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