Our dream home theater system.

Our home theater system was a dream system but is now a reality. We obtained a 46 inch LED back lit LCD monitor from Samsung. It has an excellent picture quality and is very enjoyable to watch. We added a Vizio sound bar and a sub woofer to the system for listening pleasure. We have a blu-ray disc player from Toshiba and a TIVO premium DVR system.

We have a 12 foot by 12 foot with a 4 foot by 8 foot entry way behind double French doors. We mounted the monitor in the corner of the entry way to get more distance from our reclining chairs to the monitor.

LED LCD monitor

It does block one side of the french doors from opening, but that is ok, it is easy to come in and out of the room through the other door. We mounted the Vizio sound bar on top of the swivel stand so that it is above the monitor, the sub woofer is setting on the floor below the monitor. The blu-ray and the Tivo are setting on a desk under the monitor.

We mounted a Vizio sound bar to the top of our wall mounting bracket so the sound bar is above the LED TV monitor. This looks like the sound bar is part of the TV. We connected it to the audio out jack on the Samsung TV and plugged an amplified subwoofer into the subwoofer port on the Vizio sound bar.

We used a 30 inch long aluminum angle-iron piece that is 2 x 2.5 inches. We drilled mounting holes in the angle-iron to mount it to the top of the wall mounting bracket and holes to mount the sound bar to it. We then polished the angle-iron and painted it black to match the rest of the equipment.

We now have a very nice looking home theater room system that sounds good for our listening and viewing pleasure.

We dropped our fiber optic system because it just became too expensive. We added a digital antennae at the highest point in the attic, we did have trouble receiving one channel until I removed an extra splitter from the coax cable that wasn’t required. We have a 4GS wireless link from Clear for our internet and phone service. We cut our monthly bill in half. We have access to netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Block Buster and other services over the internet link.

Ok before we start we need to understand a few technical terms and standards to know how to build a theater system. This can be an easy home improvement project.

High Definition TV, HDTV, the new broadcast standard format for digital TV signals is ATSC for the USA and DVB for Europe and most of the rest of the world. HDTV also supports surround sound audio 5.1-channel.

How to design your
theater speakers and receiver
to get great sound and performance

How to select the right monitor
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What is the best size for your theater room

Are 3D TVs ready for your home theater?
How to select the right 3D TV.

Select the right speakers and receiver for your home theater

What monitor should you select for your theater.

Who makes 3D TVs and are they ready for your home system?

Design your own Home Theater to get great sound and performance

The USA stopped broadcasting analog signals in 2009 for large metropolitan areas, rural areas will still have analog signals. If you live in a rural area, check with your local TV stations to see if they are going to switch to digital broadcasting.

For those of us in the USA with a good analog TV set, you can still use your old TVs with the help of a digital to analog TV Converter Box. Most new HDTVs come with a HD tuner built in.

HDTV systems are defined by three parameters, frames or fields per second, number of lines in the vertical display, and the scanning system.

The progressive p scanning system draws complete image per refresh frame. The interlaced i scanning system draws every other line first then fills in the other lines on a second pass per refresh frame.

A 1280 x 720 pixels and progressive scanning at 60 frames per second is called a 720p60 format. A 1920 x 1080 pixels and interlaced scanning at 50 frames per second is called a 1080i50. Some newer HDTVs boast of a 120 HZ or frames per second refresh rate.

The home theater video monitor needs to be sized for your viewing comfort and the size of your room that is the distance of the seating from the monitor. It needs to be placed at a height that is natural for you to look at, not too high and not to low, and can it easily be seen from all seats in the room.

Picking the best receiver is a challenging effort. The price and quality varies from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. How do you pick the right one for your home. Well first you need to understand what all the receiver can do and what you need on how to build home theater.

What kind of sound system do you want? A stereo system or a surround sound system, if surround sound system, do you want a 5.1, 6.1 or 71. system. How large of a theater room do you have? You need to match the size of the system to your room.

New 3D TV without glasses systems are being developed. Prototype units have already being shown around at shows.

Ok the wait is over Blu-ray has won. The cost of the Blu-ray DVD unit is still very expensive. It may be a year or so until the price of these units start to become more affordable.

Also in our area the Telephone company is adding fiber optic cable so that will be another choice for a distribution system of either fiber,cable or satellite.

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What is your dream home theater system?

How would you design and build a high quality low cost home theater system and decorate a family room that is about 12 feet by 20 feet?

What components would or did you use, such as a TV monitor, receiver, speakers? What delivery system would you choose, cable, satellite, or fiber optic? How would you decorate and what kind of seating would you choose for the home theater room?

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