How can I install a totally new light?

by Ryan Z

Alright, I want to put a new light in my back porch. There is no light already out there so I can't just connect new wires in. How could I possibly do this?


Do you have an electrical outlet near the back porch door where you want to put the light?

If so you need to install a switch directly above that outlet to control the light. Make this switch at the same height as all the other switches in your house and get the same type of switch cover so that it looks like it matches.

Cut a hole in the dry wall the size of a switch box next to the 2x4 stud. Take a heavy string and drop it down inside the wall, take a coat hanger with a small hook on the end and fish it out of the wall through the electrical box. Tie your 3 by 14 ga. electrical wire to the string and pull it down through the switch box to the outlet box.

You will need to mount an outside electrical box on the out side your house, it can be higher but keep it between the same 2x4 joist so that you can fish the electrical wire down this box to your new switch box.

Run conduit from this box to where you want your light, add another electrical box and hang your light. Hook up the electrical wires, check it out and try your new light.

You can buy all the required parts and wire from your local hardware store. Ask them for advise, they are always very helpful.

Be careful and check your work all the way, you can do it.

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