How do you blend shellac into a touch up spot?

by EonBlue

I have some new #2 pine trim that I applied amber shellac to. Some areas needed touch up but I'm having an awful time getting the sanded touch up spot to blend with the rest of the board.

Is there any way to successfully blend in the spot using shellac? The more coats I apply to the spot, the surrounding area seems to get progressively darker than the rest - and the touch up spot stays lighter than the rest? It stands out like a sore thumb. Can shellac be blended in or do you have to remove all of the finish and start over?


How long ago was the amber shellac applied? If it has been a long time and the shellac has aged then you will probably have to sand it all down and start over. If it has been recent, did you stir the shellac good so that it was mixed up? You might try staining the touch up spot before you shellac it.

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