How do you fix a large hole in the wall?

by jellyfish

This wall is very damaged. There are several large holes and a few little ones surrounding it. They are all concentrated around one area of about 4 by 2.5 feet. Would it be easier to cut a large rectangle around all of the holes or just smaller rectangles around each?

Additional Details

Do I sand it with paper or an electric sander.
Actually the main holes are over a stud. could I center the wall board over that stud?


If the holes are smaller than 4 inches across, you can buy a patch kit that has a grating for the mud to attach to. If the large holes are much larger then I would just replace the 4 by 2.5 feet section. If you do it this way make sure you cut the old wall board at the center of the studs. Get a stud finder to find the studs and if necessary use a small nail to find each edge of the stud and mark it. Do this on both sides of the repair hole. This will make it much easier to attach the new wall board to the wall and make it a more durable fix. Tape the seams with seam tape and mud the seams.

You can sand the seams by hand and re-mud it till you can no longer see the seams.

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