How much can I expect a plumber to charge to fix a leak if I know where the leak is?

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We installed a wet bar sink about a year ago. Just tonight I noticed it has a slight leak. I narrowed it down to 2 connection points, and I repaired one of them. However, it's still leaking, and after looking at it further it definitely looks to be coming from where the valve shutoff connects to the pvc pipe.

I'm afraid it may be beyond my abilities so I was wondering how much I may expect a plumber to charge me to come out and repair it? I just don't want to be taken to the cleaners for what really looks to be a simple repair.

Or, if you have any tips that I may try myself I'm open to that, too. I have plenty of plumbers putty and tape. I appreciate your input on this.


Are you sure it is PVC pipe coming out of the wall or is it copper pipe? Turn the water source off just before the water heater.
If it is PVC pipe is there enough pipe sticking out that you can easily cut it off just behind the cutoff valve. You can clean the PVC pipe with a fine sand paper cloth and glue a new connection for the cut off valve. Make sure the pipe is dry and use PVC compatible glue. Make sure you get a coat of glue completely around the pipe and also put some in the new connector so that it will not start leaking again.

If it is copper pipe, then you should be able to repair this connection easily by taking it off, clean out the old plumbers putty or tape and then re-wrap the connection with plumbers tape at least 4 turns and make sure you wrap it clock wise direction or it will develop a leak again.

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