The kitchen is the busiest place in a home.

Our kitchen

The kitchen is the favorite place in the house for everybody. So we have upgraded it, the sink to a black porcelain sink, and the range to a black glass gas range. They both look great. We designed and built a lazy susan shelving into our closet pantry and we have refurbished all the cabinet doors and added slide-out shelves. We replaced the ceramic floor with a warm hardwood floor.

It is the preferred socializing location and it should be warm and cozy. You want it to be inviting, easy to work in and around, be appealing and comfortable to you and your friends. We have re-modeled it extensively. Since I am retired now, I do most of the cooking and my wife does most of the socializing,...just kidding. We both enjoy working and socializing in it.

The kitchen floor plans, we have a counter that is J shaped with a stove top on the long J side, the sink and dish washer in the crook of the J and another cupboard on the small J side. Below the stove top counter the cupboards consisted of 2 shelves broken up with 4 doors.

We changed the cabinet designs so 2 of doors open opposite of its adjacent door so that you would open both doors and have access to a larger shelf. We built 4 sliding drawers to fit into this space and mounted them into these shelves. We now have 4 large pull out drawers that are easy to access, store and retrieve pots, pans and storage containers.

We also built 2 more drawers for the cupboard on the small J side for dishes and bowls. This has really improved the usability of the kitchen, I am getting too old to squat down and get items out of the old shelves, now I can just open the doors, pull out a drawer and find what I want very easily.

We replaced the sink with a black porcelain sink, the stove top range with a black glass range and upgraded the oven.

The finish on the kitchen cabinets was dull and dark but they were made of a good quality oak frames and panels. So we decided on painting cabinets and refinishing the cabinets by sanding the old varnish off to bare wood, staining them to a light warm color and varnishing them to bright satin sheen. We built six slide out drawers into the shelves below the counter top making them much more use full and accessible.

We replaced the tile flooring and the carpet in family room with hardwood flooring, that pulls both rooms together as one large room. The hardwood floor looks great and we purchased some nice Persian rugs to protect them.

I designed and built lazy susan pantry shelves in our pantry closet. The storage closet was quit large and a lot of food and dry goods could be stored in it, but trying to find and retrieve something was a problem.

Our kitchen table

We refinished the table as the finish was worn off in spots down to bare wood. I sanded the rest of the top down to bare wood, stained and finished it with three coats of polyurethane. It is a nice bear claw expandable table that looks real nice with the new finish.

We use to buy bottled water because the city water would give me a severe headache. So I started checking on water treatment systems and drinking water systems and found that we could install a system, save money and not have to cart all those bottles of water home. I installed a whole house water treatment system and a final filter for drinking water. I added a separate water faucet on the porcelain sink for this water.

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