by johnny

4' x 6' Koi pond

4' x 6' Koi pond

Hi, My name is Johnny from Malaysia.. I have decided to learn how to build a KOI fish pond for my new house with a limited space.. It's really challenging .. The space I have - 4ft x 6ft .. is that possible to build a koi pound at that size? please advice..thank you very much..

Hi Johnny;

Yes I think you can build a very nice Koi pond that size. It should be able to support 5 or 6 medium size Koi. I am attaching a drawing for a 2 level Koi pond that might help you.

I recommend that you cover the lower pond with a chicken wire frame and fill it with a cement mixture. Use a 2-1 sand - cement mixture as this is more water proof.

I recommend that you build the upper pond with a red wood box. Red wood expands when wet and last a long time in water. The pump could be place under the upper pond so that it is hidden. Try to find water hyacinths for the upper pond as they are an excellent filter. You will need to remove half of the plants each spring and clean the upper pond.

The lower pond will stay clean with clear water. The pump and water fall will aeriate the water so that the fish have plenty of oxygen. Place water plants that you like in the lower pond with your Koi.

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