Our oven cabinet storage drawer

We built a new oven cabinet storage drawer to fill the open space when we replaced our old oven with a new one. We found a really nice black gas oven that was the same width as our old one, but it had a single broiler instead of the old double size broiler. Well, this new oven was about 6" shorter than the old one so we had an open space to fill.

We decided to mount the new oven at the top of the old opening leaving an open space at the bottom. We made a new base for the oven to sit on that was 6" higher than the old base.

We then made another cabinet drawer with my sons dove tail jig and router. We found two router bits that would make the same design pattern on the face of the board as the other doors and drawers in the kitchen. We routed the same pattern on a 1" x 6" x 23" oak board and attached it to the front of the new drawer. My wife is bugging me to add a center slide to guide this drawer in and out to make it slide easier. We use this drawer to store baking items and pans.

I sanded, stained and varnished this drawer the same color as the other doors and drawers in the kitchen. We made guides under the new oven for this new drawer. It looks great and matches the rest of the woodwork.

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