Our lazy susan pantry assembly

The pantry assembly is a great do it yourself project to add usable storage space for your kitchen. We made 6 back shelves and 6 Lazy Susan shelves. We used 3/4” Oak plywood for the shelves. You can cut both pieces out of one 2' x 4' piece of plywood. You should be able to get all 6 pieces out of one and a half 4’x 8’ plywood panels.

A do it yourself kitchen storage project The half circle shelf of the pantry assembly

We used 1/4 plywood cut into 1.5” strips to cover the front and back of the shelves. you should be able to get sixteen 1.5" wide strips out of one 24" wide plywood panel that is 48" long. You need to soak these strips in water to get them to bend with out cracking. We used 3/16” X 1-1/8” fluted dowels, drilled 3/16" holes in the edges of the shelves and glued them to secure the plywood strips to the shelves.

On the back side of the half circles , I used 7/32” X 1-1/8 Axel peg dowels for aesthetic design. On the inside of the back shelves inner circle I used plain fluted dowels so they would not interfere with the rotation of the shelves.

You should stain all the boards to the color you want before gluing any thing. The glue will not take stain once it is on the board. After all the shelves are made you can finish them with a good polyurethane finish, at least 2 coats.

The construction of a do it yourself kitchen storage project

3 rows of fluted dowels need to be embedded in the underside of the half circle shelves in line with the bracket. After the post, the brackets and the rails have been assembled, the pantry assembly shelves can be set on the bracket with these dowels fitting in the U grove of the bracket giving the shelves support when the lazy susan is rotated.

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