The construction of the pantry post for the lazy susan shelves

The pantry post is another do it yourself project for your kitchen pantry shelve. We used three 3” x 1” x 8’ Oak boards to make the pivot post. We glued these three oak boards together to make a 3”x3” post which is actually a 2 1/2” X 2 1/4 “ post after it was plained and sanded down.

The three boards of the pantry-post

I would suggest that you practice on a 1 X 3 pine board first by drilling a 1/4” pilot hole into each end at least 3 “ for the bottom and 6” for the top of the post.

These holes must be perpendicular to the ends of the post so there is no wobble in the lazy susan shelves and the rods will fit into the thrust bearing at the bottom and the pillow block bearing at the top of the post.

These pilot holes can then be drilled out to 5/8” holes using a wood bit so that the bottom of the holes are flat for the rods to fit the bottom of the hole.

The center board of the pantry-post

You may want to consider placing a fender washer at the top of the base rod as all the weight of the lazy susan will be on this point of the post and the thrust bearing. This washer can easily be inserted by measuring the depth of the hole drilled and marking the center board on each side.

Take a Dremel tool with a circular grinding wheel attached and grind through the board on each side to expose the bottom of the hole. Then take a key hole saw and enlarge the opening so that the fender washer can be inserted per the picture above.

Now take the other 2 boards that have been cut for the post and align the three boards together and secure them at the other end with a clamp. Take a hammer and a piece of scrap board and hammer the end of the post with the washer in to mark the adjacent boards.

You can grind groves into these adjacent boards at the exact depth as the board with the washer in it. Fit all three boards together to make sure you have a tight fit with no gaps. Once you are satisfied that the boards fit correctly together you can glue and clamp the pantry post together and let it dry.

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