How to build a kitchen pantry.

I made a design for a tall kitchen pantry cabinet and we built a lazy susan kitchen cabinet pantry for our food storage. It has 6 adjustable shelves on the lazy susan post and 6 fixed shelves in the back of the closet.

It is 41 inches wide at the front, 27 inches wide at the back, 76 inches high and 23 inches deep. It had 5 shelves from ceiling to floor.

A lazy susan pantry food storage unit.

I visited the local hardware stores and container stores for solutions, but they all wasted so much space.

So we cut 6 oak plywood shelves to fit in the rectangle shelf space and then routed out six, 14 inch radius half circle shelves. We attached these 6 half circle shelves to a 3" X 3" square post. This post was set in a thrust bearing on the floor of the closet and secured at the top of the post with a pillow block bearing mounted above the door trim at the top of the closet. The 6 half circle shelves swivel around with this post. I stained and varnished it to match the rest of the kitchen woodwork.

A lazy susan pantry food storage unit.

You can easily access any food items or stored goods on the back shelves, and you can swivel the lazy susan shelves around to get access to any stored items on these shelves. The best part is there is very little wasted space, and you can see and access all items on all the shelves. My wife and I are really happy and satisfied with this addition to our home improvement project plan.

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