Our home patio

We built a home improvement do it yourself patio between the planter and the back of the house using a blend of light and dark red clay 5.5" X 11.5" bricks. It is about 40 feet wide and 18 feet deep.

We enjoy having family and friends get togethers in our backyard very much, it is very functional and our grandchildren love to play there. Each summer we fill a large 9 foot diameter by 30 inches tall swimming pool for them. They love to swim and splash around in it.

Our do it yourself patio home improvement.

We have a nice 5 burner barbeque grill that I fire up almost every weekend in the summer. My favorite food is barbequed ribs. I slow cook them on the grill, separate the ribs into a food container, soak them with barbeque sauce and let them cool. They are great and everybody enjoys them.

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