Refurbishing oak floor?

by Bruce

I'm looking for something to replace the steel wool. It's busting' my butt. I'm stripping & cleaning the wax off the polyurethane (in sections) with rags. Then going over the whole thing by hand with #0000 steel wool to remove any scuff marks, water marks etc.

The steel wool is the hardest part. Is there something I use in place of steel wool? Any other tricks or products? Can I use like 320 grit sandpaper? I would rather not go this route because of the dust & the fact I'm having to concentrate on some spots & blemishes more than others. I do have an orbital block sander.

My thoughts: I'm dreaming of steel wool that can be placed on the block sander?


I've seen some metal sand paper that you can use in place of regular sand paper but I don't know if it comes in as fine a grit as the steel wool.

Try putting a 320 or larger grit sand paper on and then a pad of steel wool under your orbital sander.

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