What type of roofing material do you want for your home improvement.

There are many types of roofing materials available, but you need to select the best type for your budget and environment for your home improvement projects plans. Do you need a roof to withstand hail, rain and snow, or sun, wind and rain. Which part of the country you live in will determine some of your choices.

Some of the different types of materials are composite shingles, metal, slate, clay or cement tiles, shake tiles and fiberglass shingle. These materials all have their advantages and disadvantages. The metal and composite are better to withstand hail, rain and snow. The cement tiles, composite shingles and shake tiles can better withstand the sun, wind and rain.

type of roofing material

Clay tiles are one of the more expensive tile for residential use. They have a luxurious look and feel to them. They are kiln baked so they have a slick shinny surface. They will keep their color and appearances for many years. They are fragile and can be broken if not handled correctly.

type of roofing material

Cement tiles are less expensive and come in different shapes, such as flat, or S-curved. They also come in many different colors. Some of these tiles have porous structure to them that will trap dust. The light color tiles will start to show this by becoming discolored with age. The dark colors such as brown and gray may not show this discoloration as much.

Composite shingles are probably the lest expensive and are used the most as they work well in all areas of the country. They come in many different colors and blends. They also come in different weights or thickness.

type of roofing material

We choose a composite Lifetime Class A shingle that is very thick and can withstand 110 mile per hour winds. They have a diagonal pattern as well as a horizontal pattern. According to our contractor these shingles may be used in place of cement or clay tiles as required by some home owner associations. Check with your home owners association and get permission from them before installing these shingles.

Shakes can be split or sawn to give you a different look. They have a pleasing aesthetic warmth and elegance of natural wood.

Fiberglass shingle are fairly new, they use a fiberglass mat and asphalt pressed into a shingle. They are light in weight and come in many different colors. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to install.

Metal panels can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or zinc alloys. The steel and aluminum roofing need to painted or coated with a durable finish. Stainless steel will not corrode or rust, but is very expensive. Copper and zinc alloys develops a patina with age, but are also very expensive.

Slate tiles, new developments in hanging slate on the roof have reduced the cost and time for installation. They have developed a slate hanger that is installed on the roof and the slate panels are fit into them. The lower slate just slides under the above slate only about a 1/2 inch so the slate panels can be made much smaller. This is an attractive material that comes in many natural colors.

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