How to make a thrust bearing for the lazy susan pantry

I made a thrust bearing, TB, for the pantry out of excess plywood, a 3/4 X 3/4 brass machine bolt, a brass washer, a fender washer and a 5/8 ID brass bearing. This was a fun a fairly easy project to do.

I had researched on line and at different hardware stores and found that a thrust bearing was quite expensive. The local hardware stores did not carry it so it was a special order item.

I have a small drill press mounted on my work bench and a number of different size hole saw drill bits. These hole saws can cut a hole through wood or iron of the diameter you want. I also have a few wood boring bits. These bits have a sharp point in the center of the drill but cut a flat surface, which I wanted for this application.

I made the base of the do it yourself thrust bearing from a 5"X5"X3/4" piece of oak plywood, the middle piece is about 4"X4"X3/4" and the top is about 2.5"X2.5"X3/8". Assemble all 3 TB Oak pieces together, use 4 #10 x 2" wood screws to hold them together and drill a 1/16" guide hole through the center of the assembly, make sure the wood screws will not interfere with placement of the fender washer as these screws will hold this assembly together when it is completed.

A do it yourself thrust bearing

Remove the wood screws and take the TB Base and turn it over, make a counter sunk hole with a wood bit large enough for the brass nut to fit in, on the bottom side so that when the brass screw, washer and 2 fender washers are inserted into the base that the brass nut can be tightened and be flush or below the surface. Do not make the counter sink too deep.

A do it yourself thrust bearing

I machined the middle 4” X 4” plywood block so that the fender washers, the top of the brass screw and the 5/8” brass bearing would fit between the plywood pieces. I sandwiched these parts together with the 4 screws.

A do it yourself thrust bearing

You can see the 4 small screw holes next to the fender washers and four 1/4” holes in each corner of the TB base pictures below. The 1/4” holes are for the 4 lag bolts to attach the TB Bearing to the floor.
I put the 3”X3”X3/8” piece of plywood over the top of the do it yourself TB bearing to give it a finished look. I stained and varnished this TB to match the rest of the woodwork in the kitchen.

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